Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Reflections

As I prepare for the renewal of the calendar I am reflecting on 2009. It was for me - a year of study, a year of Yoga. I enrolled in Rolf's training course in February.

The "student became ready and the teacher appeared." I had looked at other "weekend programs" and always thought - "too much time - too much travel." When I saw Rolf's program I thought "about the right amount of time and travel." Funny - looking back now I see that the other programs were offering similar time and travel! I simply was not ready.

As far as time goes - I liked the fact that 2009 would be dedicated as a year of study. It was exactly that. I have learned so much this year! I am truly filled with gratitude for what has been given to me!

Looking forward to 2010 I see a picture that is beautiful. My next phase of study is to teach - teach - teach. I will continue to study on my own and I am actively looking for a summer retreat style program to go deeper in to my own yoga practice. First I will focus on giving that gift to others.

The first law of karma says: Whatever you want from life you must do for someone else first. (Jey Rinpoche (1357-1419) Teacher of the first Dali Lama)

To my fellow yoga teachers and students I wish you the greatest of New Year wishes. May the peace and love that is already inside of you reveal itself more fully in the coming year.



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