Friday, April 16, 2010

Closing a short chapter of a long book

It's really quite a journey to reach this place. Thursday I taught a sample class at my home studio. I first visualized this in 2008, September. That was the first time I really felt like I wanted to teach yoga. Yesterday that dream was filled for me.

Since I first imagined this day - I have had an open loop running in the background, knowing that I would eventually approach this day. I got word that I would teach the class 1 week ago. I traveled Monday and Tuesday this week. During travel I prepared a playlist, I sequenced - I imagined the scene. I fretted. I wondered who would come. I feared the worst - imagined the best. I got all up in my head!

Rolf teachers -- a little background to relate to -- Since December when I finished training I think I felt great to be free of the class narrative. I began experimenting, pulling things in from different styles and teachers. Finding my own personal expression. I was so fortunate to be able to teach at my workplace two days per week. I had a class of eager guinea pigs. They are non-judgmental, eager to learn and incredibly grateful. I am grateful for them.

In preparing for class I zigged and zagged. I zigged on music, zagged on sequence. I felt confused. In the end I went back to the source, back to Rolf's narrative, back to Rolf. I watched his 2.1 class on yogavibes. I soaked it up; saw how he had further refined what he was teaching; heard his reassuring voice. I went back to the well.

Guess what - it was the right thing to do. I got great evaluations! Glowing in some cases! Wonderful thank-yous and assurances from other teachers and students. It was a great day. I felt strong and confident. I commanded the room. I was my true self. Today I spoke to the studio director and she is looking for an opportunity to put me in her teacher rotation.

It's hard to write about this without sounding gloating. But really - I am just acknowledging my own hard work and growth. Even though I have been teaching twice a week since January, I can now say that I am a yoga teacher. I think the arc of my yoga story to date led to this climax - a moment of completion of a goal. A moment that marks a new beginning.

To my fellow Gates teachers -- we are so fortunate to have these days, these teachings, these experiences. The spirits of each of you and the group as a whole were my guidance. Rolf was at my side. What a gift!

Today I taught again at work. I breathed easier, I felt lighter - I slowed down - I took time to think. An open loop had been closed. More clock cycles were available. The Citta Vritti faded and the Purusa peeked through.
Open new chapter. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Staying committed

Staying on task. Keeping committed. staying in the flow. For over a year now my flow has been about developing the skills to teach yoga. I wrote about finding right action a number of weeks ago when I got a message from myself in a bottle. Inside it was a task list I made the last day of teacher training. It was a mission statement or maybe better to say "vision statement" along with specific actions to take.

This week I am taking an action from the list by teaching a sample class at my home studio InnerFire Yoga in Madison. Having taught a couple of classes a week since January, I feel I am ready for this. I hope to get a lot of constructive feedback from other teachers and students and maybe a chance to teach at InnerFire. At any rate - it will give me more confidence.
I already feel more confidence after teaching my first commercial class last week at a local gym. I got good feedback from that group. Many students enjoyed the class.

I'm traveling Monday and Tuesday and then back at work Wednesday and teaching my sample class Thursday. Busy week. I will have some time to prepare while traveling and I will listen to Rolf on my Ipod.

Milestones like this give me something to work towards, a time-bound goal.

Another action item I wrote on that list of things to do was to speak to a friend about teaching a yoga class for young people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. I wrote this specifically on my list and my vision statement relates to this action. It's an important act of service for me that I feel strongly about. Again I am on track. I start that class 1 week from tomorrow.

I am managing to balance the commercial side and the service side of my yoga teaching so far. I am on task, for today.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Going Commercial

I taught my first class for pay on Monday. What does that mean? I've gone pro?

It was fun. My dear teacher friend Ken referred me to Capitol City Fitness and I am signed up as a sub. The class was a 5pm flow class - 75 minutes. We did an extended Savassana with a metta meditation.
It went really well I think and the program coordinator said she got great feedback so that is exciting too. I will keep looking for sub opportunities there. I am also looking at local studios for more teaching opportunities.

I really enjoy teaching so the opportunity to stretch out a bit is great. Did it feel different? - nope its all the same yoga. Nothing amazing to report. The student makeup was young women - 20s and 30s. I worked them pretty hard - harder than the regular class. What worked was that i could tune in pretty good and put them in childs pose a couple of times. Class theme was Mountain pose. It's one I have been working on - the alignment of mountain pose and the strength of the pose as it comes in to our lives.

Still working on it - but it works!