Sunday, February 21, 2010

What is the age of this yogi??

What an amazing video showing Yoga Master Dharma Mittra. The video shows his agelessness. Seriously - might this motivate you? It does motivate me. Preserving the suppleness of the body seems to have significant payoff. Watch this just for the interesting video treatment!

Amazing Dharma Mittra video

After 6 weeks of doing yoga . . . survey says!

I surveyed my students from my classes at work again. The results make you happy to be practicing or teaching yoga. They are not surprising to those of you who have a regular yoga practice. It is very exciting to me to have these results! I started with over 40 people signed up on January 5. The "new years resolution" crowd has slipped away and we are down to a very regular group of about 22 people. They inspire me every week! read below about the changes they are noticing in themselves.


I am practicing Yoga:

On Monday


On Friday


On both days


Info to help me make the program most effective for you. I think the yoga we are doing is:

A little too hard for me to do


A little to easy for me to do


About right for me


Other (please specify)


1. I like a bit of a challenge & I get one!

2. It is difficult, however, not impossible and I feel that I am reasonably pushing my body within acceptable limits. Also, given that I can relax out of a difficult pose if needed, I wouldn't want to have the level of the class brought down.

3. Although I suck I like the harder more physical, if I can not do it I modify.

4. I modify if to easy/hard for me

Please tell me about any physical changes you have noticed since taking yoga classes at ETC.

1. My wife said she sees a difference in my shoulder muscles. I don't know if she's right, but I'll take it.

2. Flexibility, I can almost touch my toes

3. Reduced back pain. Stronger core

4. My leg, core, and arm strength is changing weekly. I can see it!

5. My overall health has improved, fewer aches and pains overall, and muscle development.

6. weight loss and more flexibility-

7. Better balance, posture and flexibility

8. Increased flexibility, increased stamina and weight loss

9. lost a little weight, generally feel more energetic

10. feeling better mentally and physically.

11. I have lost over 10 lbs and gone down a notch on the belt. More flexible, although feeling lots of body quirks and catches that I never noticed.

12. Combined with changes to diet and increased exercise I've lost a significant amount of weight and generally feel much more energetic. I do not necessarily feel more flexible but I can tell that I am during each practice.

13. the stretching is wonderful since I sit at a desk all day

14. better flexibility.

15. Just overall stronger, also experiencing some weight loss

16. Flexibility

17. Not yet. I've tried to be more conscious of my body and how I hold it (use my core when sitting) but I'm trying to be better physically as a whole since starting yoga.

Please tell me about any emotional or psychological changes you may have noticed since taking yoga at ETC.

1. I use my yoga breathing at other times. I feel very productive during afternoons after yoga. I like the prompt to be more aware of my thoughts and my body that yoga has provided.

2.can't say i've really notice

3. I think clearer after class.
I look forward to class (almost a craving)

4. When I walk out of class I am very relaxed and focused. I'm ready to get back to my desk and plow through stuff. I also would say that there is a camaraderie that has been established between those of us in class. It has brought many of us together and enriched our working relationships!
This might be as productive a meeting hour that PS8 has ever seen!

5. Stress/anxiety level way down. Actually use breath more in my normal life to help control too.

6. feel awesome!!!!

7.less irritable and anxious

8. Improved overall attitude and an increase in the desire to participate in addittional excersizes, yoga and others.

9. not too much in this side of things, but I'm generally pretty laid back :)

10. Its a good stress relief.

11. More relaxed at my desk, more invigerated in the afternoon, I find I need the me time to ground myself, where I normally will not take the time to really meditate etc.

12. I am far less stressed. In particular I find myself much more able to handle stress or conflict at home without becoming angry. I think this has a lot to do with having a larger energy reservoir.

13. I feel so relaxed after class - it's great, wish we could do this everyday :-)

14.makes the week go faster

15. I love doing yoga in the middle of the day at work! It is soooo relaxing adn rejuvenating! The deep breaths have an amazing impact on the rest of my day! is nice to get away from the desk, and does help me deal with the daily grind