Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wade Morissette

I enjoyed classes with Wade Morissette as he visited Inner Fire Yoga this weekend. He taught a beautiful vinyasa class on Friday night that kicked my butt and awakened my senses at the same time. Saturday afternoon he taught a great class on sequencing that offered me a lot of information as a teacher. He closed both classes with some Kirtan and then Saturday night the whole family went down to IFY for a Kirtan concert with Wade. It was great! He has an enormously open heart and a deep connection that you must experience to understand.

I was amazed at the energy Wade put into the weekend and especially the concert. His ability to sustain the chants and give them new meaning was lovely. His use of pace was great. In the class on sequencing his simple explanations of counter-posing and the build toward an apex was great.

Saturday night it was very warming to see my daughters chanting. During the opening Om Namah Shivaya I watched as Zoe sat in full lotus on a bolster, eyes closed, moving her lips on each repeat of the chant. She was truly in a meditative state. It is awesome to see a youngster learn (or remember) that kind of calmness and state of being.

Thanks Wade.

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