Friday, February 5, 2010

Music - Music - Music

Dear fellow Yoga teachers,

I have found music to be a challenge for me. I want the right music for the class and the right music for the right flow. I want the right music for the chapter we are in.
I have been challenged to get the music right and challenged to be satisfied with the music.

For my classes at work I have been staying away from music that is too yogic, too devotional. Then I have been disappointed with my music collection. Then I want the right song for the right moment in the class. I am over analyzing it.

Does this get easier? Yoga teachers - what is your plan for music? Yoga students - what are your expectations or what do you like?


  1. Though I am totally into yoga and like "yoga" music, I much prefer classes with more upbeat modern music. Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson..that kind of thing. Though I am also fond of classes without music.

  2. David,
    I too have been struggling with this very thing. I remember reading an article in yoga Chicago which debated the two. The points being that the whole goal of yoga is to take you inward. Music can and often does have the opposite effect. Music can stir emotions and take you deeply into your head.
    CC directed me to an excellent resource. There is a yoga studio in mundelein called total body yoga. On the web page they have a music store where she lists many playlists. They are categorized by theme, so a great place to start. There is a blend of modern music, instrumental, different languages (which I am finding I love)..., and yogic music as well. It has helped me & I hope it will help you too. The other piece, is that you must give yourself grace in the will take time.

  3. Hey thanks -- whoever wrote this! I have been checkin those playlists! I also noticed that - I just need to spend some time building playlists and then adjusting them after class.

  4. I have searched iTunes under the "world" category. Look up artists there and see if anything speaks to you - Maneesh De Moor has an album called Sadhana that I play start to finish... also (more up tempo) is Niyaz. I have found that when I play Niyaz there is a power in the room that is AMAZING!
    Play and have FUN... let the music pick YOU!

  5. Thanks Kimmy - I have been working on this and not surprisingly, it just requires practice. I have been letting the music pick me!