Sunday, April 11, 2010

Staying committed

Staying on task. Keeping committed. staying in the flow. For over a year now my flow has been about developing the skills to teach yoga. I wrote about finding right action a number of weeks ago when I got a message from myself in a bottle. Inside it was a task list I made the last day of teacher training. It was a mission statement or maybe better to say "vision statement" along with specific actions to take.

This week I am taking an action from the list by teaching a sample class at my home studio InnerFire Yoga in Madison. Having taught a couple of classes a week since January, I feel I am ready for this. I hope to get a lot of constructive feedback from other teachers and students and maybe a chance to teach at InnerFire. At any rate - it will give me more confidence.
I already feel more confidence after teaching my first commercial class last week at a local gym. I got good feedback from that group. Many students enjoyed the class.

I'm traveling Monday and Tuesday and then back at work Wednesday and teaching my sample class Thursday. Busy week. I will have some time to prepare while traveling and I will listen to Rolf on my Ipod.

Milestones like this give me something to work towards, a time-bound goal.

Another action item I wrote on that list of things to do was to speak to a friend about teaching a yoga class for young people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. I wrote this specifically on my list and my vision statement relates to this action. It's an important act of service for me that I feel strongly about. Again I am on track. I start that class 1 week from tomorrow.

I am managing to balance the commercial side and the service side of my yoga teaching so far. I am on task, for today.

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