Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Going Commercial

I taught my first class for pay on Monday. What does that mean? I've gone pro?

It was fun. My dear teacher friend Ken referred me to Capitol City Fitness and I am signed up as a sub. The class was a 5pm flow class - 75 minutes. We did an extended Savassana with a metta meditation.
It went really well I think and the program coordinator said she got great feedback so that is exciting too. I will keep looking for sub opportunities there. I am also looking at local studios for more teaching opportunities.

I really enjoy teaching so the opportunity to stretch out a bit is great. Did it feel different? - nope its all the same yoga. Nothing amazing to report. The student makeup was young women - 20s and 30s. I worked them pretty hard - harder than the regular class. What worked was that i could tune in pretty good and put them in childs pose a couple of times. Class theme was Mountain pose. It's one I have been working on - the alignment of mountain pose and the strength of the pose as it comes in to our lives.

Still working on it - but it works!


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