Monday, December 14, 2009

What I did on day 1

On Sunday December 6th I completed an incredible phase of the journey toward teaching yoga. Along with 21 others I was given the title of Vinyasa Yoga Teacher by my teacher Rolf Gates.

It was the end of a year of study and the beginning of the next phase. Rolf said "Go and teach. That is your next phase." The year was marked by a series of ups and downs. Lots of reading studying and sharing. I got more from the other members of the class than I ever expected to. They are my brothers and sisters, and I write this blog for them.

So, what did I do on December 7?
Number 1
I registered with the Yoga alliance. I mean - I think I did. They have never formally acknowledged my application. They have not charged my credit card. Today I called to ask if they got my application and they had the funniest on-hold recording ever. A very monotone and professional voice said. "Your call is important to us. Our customer care specialist are busy helping other Yogi's. Please hold on for the next representative." I laughed so hard I cried.
I still don't know if they got my application - but I left a message.
Number 2
I bought the yoga teachers insurance from Yoga Journal. That involved paying $125 for a policy and joining the yoga journal benefits plus for $55. I am not positive I need this, but better safe than sorry. I was steered here by a few people and protecting myself is probably a good idea. And as a benefit I bought my new Yoga Journal calendar at a discount!

Number 3 - I sat down and sequenced a 1 hour Vinyasa class (or rather - my idea of a 1 hour class) using parts of the Rolf class we learned. I had done this before and it was longer than 1 hour - so I took my next best shot at it.

Was that enough for today? I think so. I still felt a strong wave of energy about my mission - to teach.

Most importantly I enjoyed the wave of photos of our last weekend that hit the web on that day. I waited and watched for Facebook posts and enjoyed showing others the pictures of that last triumphant weekend. I corresponded with my fellow teachers through the day and on in to the next. The memories of the training process and the emotions of the 2009 yoga journey were very much on my sleeve.

They still are.

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