Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More reflections on service

Sunday I attended the final day of an adult education class at my church. I had intended to go to this class for the past several weeks - and just did not make it. What an error. The class was originally called "The black Christ" later edited to "Black Theology and Black power: Looking for god from the bottom." It was led by a very talented and feeling man - Everett Mitchell. I have always admired him. He has been involved with our church for several years and his style and his service are extra great.

He blew me away on Sunday. He spoke about a question "Are there more black men in prison or in college?"
He showed a video that asked and answered the question and showed black child after black youth after another and another saying decidely - without hesitation - "Prison." Then they showed the answer and the math. The answer? College.

He talked about the myth that has been perpetuated and built in to our society about this issue and about how we needed to play a role in changing it. he is a man of action and his theology is from the "bottom up" as opposed to "top down." He asked - "How does a church respond? How do you respond? And he added - I am not talking about going to run for the school board people, What are you going to do from the bottom up?"

Oh man - what a challenge to a room full of upper middle class white doctors and lawyers and marketing types. We are so Top down!

He is a member of an organization in Madison called Madison Urban Ministry. I immediately thought "Maybe I should teach yoga for those people." That is so bottom up and so idealistic and that is where I am right now.

On Moday I checked there website: What do you know. They run a program called healthy Neighborhoods! The description reads:
"The Allied, Belmar, Dunn's Marsh Wellness Center has a mission of promoting holistic health and wellness for the neighborhood. It is staffed by a community parish nurse who provides individual contact as well as group programs."

Oh my. That will require some soul searching. Can I tackle that? Can I teach yoga anywhere?
I mean these are rough neighborhoods.

So what is the deal with this draw anyway? I guess I keep saying to myself, " It's the people who don't have Yoga yet that really need it."

So now my thoughts are on Everett and his fantastic motivating talk! Why not try to do that? Well - it would be hard as hell for one thing.

It is interesting to me that on Sunday the 6th an African American man motivated me to focus myself on service to others and I accept what he taught me fully. And then 1 week later on Sunday the 13th another African American man further motivated me to focus and service and gave me some options.

Ok god. I guess I need to listen. What is next?

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  1. David,
    YOU... and possibly only YOU... could teach ANYWHERE! Seriously... ANYWHERE. With your intention and drive... it could happen!! :)