Monday, December 28, 2009

Theme for week 1 classes

I thought I would have a weekly focus theme for my Lunchtime Yoga classes. The theme for week 1 is, drum roll please -------- The breath.

Any comments? It seems like the starting place to me. I was reading in TKv Desikachars book - Heart of Yoga - about Pranayama. Afterwards I wrote these words in my notes for the introduction to the breathwork.

The essential aim of Yoga is to remove impurities from the body including impure, disturbing thoughts from the mind. The vital pathway of incoming life energy and outgoing waste impurities is the breath. Therefore our use of the breath in yoga asana is the most important element we can practice. Without good breath work we may receive some basic isolated strengthening from the yoga poses we do - but we will not be getting the fully integrated benefits of the yoga practice which are in fact what make yoga holistic and unique from other forms of exercise.

I do not plan to read this passage - but it forms the basis of my notes. I will do an extended Pranayama practice to begin and then emphasize breath throughout the asana practice.

Next weeks theme!?? Hands and Feet!!

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