Monday, December 14, 2009

The next couple of days

As I told many of you - my first teaching job was secured. I have volunteered to lead a class at work during January and February. On return from the weekend I checked in with the person helping me coordinate the class and learned that I had 37 people enrolled! Wow! Is that cool!?

Only problem is that the room we are using has room for 25 using "corporate spacing." If it were an actual studio I could fit about 40! But I feel people need their space. I want them to feel "refreshed and centered" when they leave. Having the butt of a coworker too close might not make that objective work out. But I also hate to turn anyone away. Solution! I added a second class! We are now scheduled for a Monday and Friday lunch class during January. We will see how the group sizes are for Feb.

Next item - I asked for help. I emailed Wes and asked him to come to class the first few days and help me out! He answered "Yes." That is so cool. He can do demos and help people and we will do a great job together. he does not know it yet - but I also feel I need a backup teacher for the class and he is nominated. He will learn the sequence and the people and atmosphere and I can ask him to sub for me!

One more item. I planned to do an online survey of the students who have registered for class to find out about their backgrounds and goals for coming to class. I will design and email using an online survey tool and get the data I need!

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