Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas downtime

I see that I have not posted anything in a week! Wow. I was off his past week and did not really think about teaching much. I did a little sequencing work and practiced 4 times myself.

Family Christmas was beautiful!

Now it is one week until my first Lunchtime Yoga class. Here is the latest:
HR told me this past week that i cannot have Wes come and assist me! Bummer. Fact is they are paranoid as hell! So - Wes - you are off the hook FOR NOW!

Yoga Alliance has been totally non-responsive. I have no idea if they even received my application. (I have called and left a message and emailed. h well. i will call next week.

Did you see the article in oprah Magazine and online? You can find it here.
Wow. It might be crowded in Yoga classes during January. And have you noticed that it always is???

OK - More later. I hope someone is reading this. And even if not - it's worth doing it.


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  1. HEY!! I'm reading! I missed your posts this past week... please keep them coming - you are inspriational.
    Oh, and Wes - off the hook for NOW... I like it!
    Much love,
    - Kim