Monday, December 14, 2009

The Journey to teach yoga

In the final 20 minutes before leaving teacher training I spoke to Kim B. She said "Will you document your teaching journey on a blog or something? I'd like to keep up with how it is going."

I said "Yes, I will."

So here it is. A blog about the journey toward teaching yoga. What to teach, who to teach, how and where to teach. I suppose you can subscribe to my blog via email or RSS if you're fancy. (Kim B probably will!) Or maybe you can read it on your iphone. I hope you will read it. (You too Shams. I know that facebook is too much - but try my blog!)

Mostly I hope you will comment - adding your own experience strength and hope to the journey. I am starting this a little late (1 week) so I will be reviewing the last week over the next few days. Bear with me and I will catch up to real time. Check back daily!

The journey is the destination. SO it begins.

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