Monday, January 4, 2010

First Class report

Today at noon we were off and running on Lunchtime Yoga at ETC! It was great! I was really excited to see 24 people coming in and setting up!

Everything went according to plan with few exceptions. I did a short talk about the Vinyasa practice, accepting your degree of flexibility, there is a right pose for everyone, etc.

We started with some extended Pranayama as the breath was this weeks theme. The sequence unfolded with childs pose, cat-cow, bird dog, downdog-plank, rag doll and then mountain. I taught mountain using the loops without lingering too long. I then demoed Sun A. We were off! I led them through Sun A and by the time we did left-right everyone had it. Here I miscalculated slightly and had them do the whole Sun A Left-right again. Well this had several of them huffing and puffing a bit so we rested on our bellies and I simplified Warrior 1 and 2 in response. The Pinnacle pose for Chapter 2 was Triangle as planned.

We continued through straddle forward fold and then horse followed by standing raised knee, dancer and tree. From here we did a squat on to our backs. At this point I realized time was short and skipped core work. I will get them next week!

Keeping it simple, we did Bridge, reclining half pigeon, isometric leg release and twist. This kept them on their backs (which was needed) but gave a backbend which they were ready for and of course, the important finishing poses.

I talked about welcoming the opportunity for renewal as they got in to savasana. A hearty Namaste and they were on their way. 52 minutes! I went over by two minutes, just as Rolf recommended!

People seemed really happy with the class. They clapped for me and a few people even hugged me! I felt great!

What did I learn?
1. Time goes quickly! Reduce reduce reduce. After 1 set of Sun A they were ready for Warrior 1 and 2. My added Sun A was a distraction. I was just excited that they all had it! I am seeing how to read the class now.

2. I had people in jeans with no mats practicing on carpet! I brought 4 of my mats. Will bring 2 more and another enthusiastic student will bring a couple.

3. I brought blocks and straps and should have distributed them ahead of time - it was obvious who would need them!

4. I was not nervous - just excited.

5. Doing this class is a great way to log some hours before auditioning at local studios!! I really need those hours!

6. I felt that my co-workers really appreciated the class. Several of them had a bounce in their steps as they left!

7. I worked them harder than I had planned. I think the class was about right - without an extra Sun A!

8. What a great relief to get away from the narrative! This is an area where I am torn. I think the narrative gave us a lot to work with - but I was sure ready to put it away.

I have another class on Friday with about 15 fresh students and some repeats! I'll let you know how it goes!



  1. I can't wait for class on Friday --- and I'll be watching to see if you work in that "extra" Sun A (I'll have to look up what that pose is, first).

  2. Nice job Dave! Thanks for sharing with us. Sounds like you just threw everything at them and they did great. Did you motify Dancer somehow? Keep up the great work, you are a natural!!