Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teaching as a practice

You know - all these little ideas are beginning to sink in now. It seems so basic - Teaching as a practice. It's obvious. But yet I am just relearning it. I was thinking "that class wasn't quite as good."

Not every class is better than the last - just like my own asana practice. Some are just "ok." But each adds something to my thinking. Each has something I noticed or tried. I'm definitely "noticing what I am noticing."

I reported a great class last Friday - and then on Monday - just OK. I thought of many things I might have done differently. I am sure learning a lot.

Next big "teaching paradigm shift" for me is that I volunteered to lead the practice for our teachers get-together in Chicago end of next week. It is perfect timing for me to get back to leading a more advanced practice. My students at work have been a great chance to really rethink more alignment cuing and careful attention to what the students are doing. This week I need to go through and outline a longer class for the teachers that I will be reuniting with.

The great timing is that I am moving toward doing an audition class for a local studio and I need to have a 75 minute class! I will try that out on my fellow teachers next week. I am also going to brush up the Tonglen meditation.

Hope to see you all there!


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