Friday, January 22, 2010

Rockin' class today

I learned something about having more fun teaching -- I did a little prep work!! Yeah. Amazing. I had been so busy the last couple of weeks that I did not do much planning or adjusting. I sat down last night and did some sequence work. It really paid off! I changed up the sequence a little bit - adding crescent lunge and "spin up to face the rear of the room in Warrior 2." Made things more fun. Maybe my awareness of the changes kept me in the moment a bit more. I enjoyed the class a lot and the students seemed to get a good workout. Fun!

I have had a long week - a long 2 weeks. Stopping to go teach class today was a real gift.

A few things I am learning. -
1. Sticking to a 50 minute class is challenging! I allow for a 3 minute savasana which I feel is highly integral!
2. I need to think about chapter 5 (back bends) section. Not satisfied with that part of class. Probably because I am short on time!! Transitioning from belly to back takes time. I am going to rethink the back bends.
3. Students ask a lot of questions. They often ask about a specific muscle. When I do not know the answer - I just say I don't. I look forward to more anatomy education.

The past 10 days was a focused period of work - Yoga practice, Yoga teaching helped make it work.


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