Thursday, January 7, 2010

Class 2 coming up - and changes to sequence

Well - my second class is tomorrow! Very excited and looking forward.
I am planning a few changes to my sequencing. First - taking a cue from my Forrest Yoga teacher I am adding Ab-work to chapter 1. Yep - remember how long Rolf discussed his decision to do core before backbends :-) ? I am taking it a few steps further.
The core work will be low key - no extremes - and part of the warmup to awaken the core early. I'll let you know how it goes!
Why? In effect it will smooth out the flow of the sequence, AND - I like it! I like core early in the sequence because I feel stronger at that time. I also like the idea of awakening the core early and recruiting the core for the Sun Salutations.

I'm also adding a seated side stretch after pranayama and deleting the Bikram half moon sequence. These changes keep the students on the floor for the first three sections - Pranayama, side stretching, core - and then transitioning from core on the back to Cat/Cow and Downdog/Plank (which nicely counterpose the corework) and then up to Ragdoll and Mountain. From there we begin to flow . . . With only 1 round of the Sun A!

I've been enjoying chatting with students this week at work. It seems like most people have enjoyed the class. I can certainly say I am learning a lot from the process so far. I'll report more to you later.


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