Monday, January 11, 2010

Class 3 update

Class three today! All went well and I enjoyed the class very much. I made almost no changes to the sequence today. I did get through chapter 1 and 2 a little quicker and noticed we had time for another back bend so we did Cobra, giving me a chance to teach the pose I use throughout the Sun Salutations. (I have not been teaching Up-Dog because most folks are not ready for it yet.)

We did a squat and I demonstrated Crow as well and a few people did 'baby crow.' The class needs a little intrigue doesn't it!?

Things I learned today:
Any modification I offer to enhance the pose - most people will take - whether they need to or not. Know what I mean? We do horse and I transitioned to Goddess and then offered the Goddess to Temple transition (featured in this months yoga journal!) - most people tried it. Same with clasping hands in a straddle forward fold - everyone took it.

I had not been mentioning tucking shoulder blades under and clasping hands in bridge since most people are not getting up that high. After class 2 people said their lower backs were "pinched" in bridge. I showed them the shoulder blade thing and I am hoping that will help them curve the upper back along with the lower. I will cue this in class from now on.

I am getting more comfortable making small modifications in alignment for people.

But most importantly -- I am really impressed with the effort everyone is putting out! When teachers say that in class - sometimes I think they are just saying that - but I have to tell you it is really great to look at all the Triangle poses and say - "you guys look great!" and really mean it. They are working hard!

Any suggestions for themes in a corporate environment?? I need one for Friday!

Thanks for listening! Teaching has been great and I am looking forward to every class!

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