Sunday, January 17, 2010

More on teaching Yoga

This past week I got an email from a student saying that she overheard 2 other students from my Lunchtime Yoga class saying they felt they should be more sore from taking yoga. They were not sure they were building muscle.

I have been keeping the class very "middle of the road" for beginners. As I have said before, I am working them even a bit harder than I had planned. There are a few stronger people in the class and a couple of people with existing strong yoga practices. This week I am offering a 15 session before each class to teach some Power Modifications.

I plan to teach:
Turbodog -- Downdog with Bent Arms - Forrest yoga pose to crank up downdog
Chattarunga and Up dog - We have been lowering all the way to floor and doing Cobra
Floating a leg coming in to Chattarunga
Goddess and Temple - straight from this months Yoga Journal! They can do this while we do horse.
That should smoke them! Any other suggestions? I just want to give everyone the opportunity to work at their level.

This weeks featured pose is Cobra. I will take some time to teach Cobra in a "come and see" moment. It is an easy pose to gloss over since it is a part of every Vinyasa and it deserves some attention for Arm and leg position and action.

Last weeks "Hands and feet" focus went well. The week prior I focused on breath. At the beginning of class on Friday I asked "Who can tell me an important thing about breath?" A student answered, "Keep Breathing!"

I think they are getting it!


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