Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I wanted to plug a nice post on savasana over at Yoga Spy

What a nice question - What does savasana mean to you?

Oh my, I love savasana. I really love it. It is like a "little death" for me. A death to the ideas in my head. I find savasana to be a practice all its own. It's an area where I am making progress - just letting go.

I am also grateful for Yoga Spy giving me a pointer to this Judith Lasater article on teaching. She details the 20 minute savasana in this writing and we all know that Rolf often quotes her.

I have been careful to reserve 3 minutes for savasana in my 50 minute lunchtime yoga class. It makes me watch the clock carefully. I have been careful to respect the 50 minute duration so people have time to get some lunch and stay on schedule. I also have watched as people have settled in to the savasana as the class has proceeded. First day people were just kind of lying there. As I have talked them in to the pose I have noticed the difference in their bodies, the level of surrender has increased.

Savasana - bring it on.

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